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I suggest to copy me

2/20/2016 4:34:46 PM

I propose to accede to my account on the service Share4you transactions up and obtain high yields of profitable trades!

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Getting started

By purchasing a subscription to the trader's trading signals, you will receive the following package of services, acting on the entire period of subscription:

1. A list of all trader's transactions.

2. Instant trading signals, notifying the opening, modification and closing transactions.

Example of the trading signal:

Example of the trading signal

26.11.2009 14:23:22 - Date and time of the trade operation

CODERsp - trader's nickname

CREATE - type of the trade operation (CREATE - creating order, EDIT - modification order, DELETE - closing order)

#1 - the number of the trade operation

BUY 1 - order direction (BUY or SELL) and lot (1-10)

EUR/USD 1.4720 - ticker and open price

S/L: 1.4580 - stop loss price

T/P: 1.5125 - take profit price

C/P: 1.4720 - current price


We understand that each investor requires an individual approach, we are ready to conduct a personal consultation with each potential subscriber, make recommendations based on the financial capacity and the current situation on the market. You can contact us as soon as possible, using the feedback form, or in any convenient way for you, presented in the section "Contact Us".


Like any other investment-related activities for a profit, forex trading, including the use of trading signals, is a high-risk. You should understand and realize that success in the past can not guarantee their repetition in the future. We can only provide you with reliable statistics, which is a real reflection of the trader's trading account on which you can make a conclusion whether comparable levels of risk and return or not. Choosing trader primarily pay attention to the date of registration, the number of transactions, the stability of growth. A good sign is the presence of a trader's blog, where he describes his strategy and provides the necessary information for current and future subscribers.