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I suggest to copy me

2/20/2016 4:34:46 PM

I propose to accede to my account on the service Share4you transactions up and obtain high yields of profitable trades!

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Affiliate program

Any registered user can participate in an affiliate program. For referrals you need to place a link like ../en/_ref=_strong.html>Login at the advertised resource. In this case your income will be 20% of our revenue raised from participants.

Example profit:

1. You have attracted a subscriber, who invests 50$ a month for the purchase of trading signals. Comission for the fund is 10%, in this case is 5$, your income is 1$ in a month from one customer.

2. You attracted trader, which shows good progress and every month sell trading signals to 5 subscribers for the total amount 150$ in a month. Charge is 10% and in this case it is 13,63$. Your income from the trader will be 2,72$ in a month.


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